Okay so on the subject of the infamous uppercut in Ohio

It was of course going to boil down to an argument about when it is and is not okay for a male to put hands on a female. Normally, I’d say its never really called for unless your life is at stake; there are countless reasons as to why such a matchup is looked down upon, afterall. If the female strikes first…Im all for defending yourself but there is such thing as unnecessary force.  But in this case, I need for people who sympathize with the girl to understand a very important gem of context: She hit a bus driver.

This is not like striking a drive thru worker at McDonalds or getting belligerent at the mall. This is a federal offense, and a big one. 20 years imprisonmentbig. Understand right now I could punch a baby in the face and not get 20 years imprisonment. I could burn down someone’s house RIGHT NOW and chances are I won’t get more than 10 years. Why such a long sentence for bus drivers then, Uncle Sam have a soft spot for public transportation employees or something? No, its because distracting and assaulting public bus drivers is an incredibly serious SAFETY hazard, sort of akin to hijacking a plane. Whenever you disrupt, or God forbid, assault someone operating a vehicle, you’re making a huge mistake, getting huger along with the vehicle. A city bus taken off course by a violent passenger can take the lives of hundreds in the area. The moment she put hands on that man, she actually was putting at risk the life of the driver, the passengers, and the community around them. This is an incredibly, serious hazard that girl ignored and violated and for that she has almost none of my sympathy. 

While by no means am I guaranteeing the bus driver in the video was encompassed by this thought pattern during the struggle, I am saying that he was well within his rights and probably his employee jurisdiction to get her off that bus by any means necessary. Yes, she stepped back, signalling that she was done with whatever plans to assault she had. However, crimes like this don’t work that way. You don’t pull out a box cutter on an jumbo jet, punch an air marshal and then sit back in your seat expecting the rest of the flight to be hunky dory. You’ve already committed a major federal crime, you’re going to be reprimanded SEVERELY. Trust me, that beating was probably the most fun that young one is going to have for the next dozen years or so. Once again, I’m actually pretty sure the old man in the video was simply peeved about the youth being so disrespectful and of course hitting him, but on every systematic level he was in the right to react the way he did…outside of dragging out the conflict to purely pummel the girl. That of course was out of the line. But his original actions, i.e striking to disorient and then ejecting from the vehicle, were fucking spot on, regardless of gender or sex. 

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